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Originally Posted by ibanezfoo View Post
They can fire you because they don’t like the color of your shirt that day.
I never found this to be true. Employees can litigate over a lot of things these days, and an employee can fabricate stories causing huge problem and investigations.

In addition, there is reputational damage if you have a pattern or practice of being an unreasonable, unkind company.

For an employee can be difficult to fight against large corporations with legal departments and plenty of dollars. But if you are a manager in a large company you still have to handle firings well, you must have HR involved, you must consult your management, you must have documentation of giving warnings, putting people on a performance program, etc, before firing them or your performance will be looked at.

Smaller companies can be sued too. So, if they are smart they will document performance issues and fire properly.

Firing for petty reasons without documentation can cost a company money in time and attorney's fees. The good news for employers is that most of the time employees don't have the money or time to find an attorney that will take their case. Unless it's a safety/injury issue, sexual issue, discrimination issue, etc. The hot button stuff will get you in hot water.

I didn't have to fire too many people, and then when all my employees were skilled managers I didn't have to fire. Mostly I gave instruction on how firings had to be conducted. Sometimes the employee would come to me and I would review everything and suggest course corrections.

I'm sure its different from company to company, we had highly paid staff technologists, systems, and network people for the most part.
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