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Default One of the Best Stores in OC

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share my experience regarding ShootSocal now that they have their own subforum.

I joined this forum fairly recently, August 2020, and ShootSocal & Dave (Owner) had just opened their new location in Fullerton. First thing that stood out was they actually ANSWER THEIR PHONES! So many stores, big chains and small FFLs, donít answer their phones and donít return your calls (assuming they even have a functional voicemail). The off chance a store does, itís not surprisingly when the person on the phone sounds like theyíre having the worst day of their life. Dave was very patient with all my newbie questions, and I NEVER once felt like I was bugging him. I took my FSC there and bought my first handgun, a used Sig P239 LEO trade-in. He didnít try to up-sell me on any other products, but for the record their prices have not been unreasonable IMO due to COVID & panic buying. They are often one of the least expensive (if not the least) when I check their pricing. I bought my P239 for $400 and they regularly have brand new Glocks in the $500-600 range. If they donít have what you want, put your name down with what you want and theyíll call you when it arrives. I wanted a brand new Glock 23 and his employee called me when it came in, $599 if I recall correctly. I've even brought in my troublesome AR15 before that I bought second hand and he took the time to give it a once over, no charge.

Itís top tier service like this that Iíll never forget and will forever appreciate. If I need anything in North OC, this is the first place I try. I consider this place the same tier as RifleGear, for those of you in the South OC area.

PS. They do Ammo PPTs as well.
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