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Bummer. I didn't do it last year even though I looked at it. Usually the meat quality at Costco and other shops improve substantially during the Holidays. I stocked up on Costco's prime steaks rather than the bag stuff. I like to see what I'm buying, esp. for prime meat. I was telling Calamity that we probably won't fill the freezers this Holiday as it will be too expensive. One thing I'm sure to buy are turkeys, even if Costco doesn't have the Tom's for $10 after Thanksgiving. I usually buy three or four during this time as I have one during Thanks, one at Xmas, one at Easter and one between Xams and Easter. I brine them for three-four days and they come out great for a cheap week of eating poultry.

I'll probably miss the rib roasts though. I also buy 3-4 of them and have them for the next 4-5 months. Costco's boneless, Sprouts bone in, and even Smith's are pretty good and not that expensive. Last year I mean. Probably double the price this year. GDD. (God Damn Democrats)
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