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Originally Posted by Garv View Post
Most members will disagree but:

Maybe you have not seen this, so I'll offer a suggestion that currently works for many of us.

Create a new link as shown below.

Replace the numbers with whatever forum number you don't want to see.,153,245,24 2,246
(Example only.)

That'll work with a browser but not tapatalk.

Hopefully something similar will work in the next version.

I agree there are some annoying subforums, but I have found many to be very useful at times.

Off Topic is fun when you can ignore some of the idiocy.

Deals, Sales, and Coupons has been very useful.

Gun people often like Knives, Bows, Fishing, etc.

My XBOX One was purchased from a member on Non-Firearms Sales in the Market.

To each his own.
Pretty much the majority of OT.
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