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Originally Posted by Ringo707 View Post
Thanks for the help! Why should I apply at the SO rather than PD? Higher approval rate?
Here's how it works:

- A PD can choose to manage the process of CCW issuance, or they can pass on that power to their county SO.

- If they do choose to manage the process, and you live in their jurisdiction, then you MUST apply at the PD.

- If they have chosen to have the SO manage it for them, then you MUST apply at the SO.

So you need to find out if American Canyon issues, or has passed that on to the SO. Most PDs have passed on the CCW task to the SOs.

You can post your question in the Napa County thread by checking the box that says you know the thread is old but want to post anyway. It is a running thread and so it is OK to bump it.


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