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Originally Posted by docent View Post
Don't waste your time in Ventura. I went to the last Crossroads show 2 years ago. 90% of the items, pertained to the AR stuff. Use to be in 2 buildings, and was only in 1 building, last time. I bet, there will be little ammo for sale by the vendors.
I know that's the truth BUT I don't usually purchase from the big vendors when I go to any gun show anyway. For one I don't have the time or the patience to wait in the lines. I deal mostly with the small independent guys. I always try being respectful and try befriending them. This allows my to negotiate price or barter (many of you know how much I like to trade). Also I can ask if they have something at home, that I'm looking for and possibly set up a meeting on a different date. After that I have there contact info and I can see if they have anything when shows aren't going on. It's more about socializing and building a network. Also keeping these dying events once called a "Gun Show" alive in California.
The shows used to be grate everywhere both without participation on both side, I doubt we will ever see that again. Plus the opportunity to be around like minded individuals for at least a little while, is almost priceless now a days.
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