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Default Suggestions for AIWB holster only using UltiClips, no belt?

I hate wearing a belt unless I really have to. I have tried a few belts to try and get AIWB feeling comfortable but no dice. I normally wear shots and a regular tshirt. I have tried a Vedder light tuck with and without the claw. So far the most comfortable is with no belt just throw it in the shorts the problem is the weight drags down my shorts and you can see the clip. There is also not good retention on the clip.

UltiClips seem like a good solution but need them paired with a comfortable holster. I tried 4 o clock which felt better but then when I bend down/over it shows.

I'm new to carrying so trying to find the right thing like probably most of you have already gone through. Also tried a hybrid leather/kydex holster with 2 clips but that was even worse.
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