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Originally Posted by deadcoyote View Post
So they shut down under the bridge entirely but you can go off Grizzly Bluffs road on a public access area but itís not marked out anything.
I've been on grizzly road 7-8 times since I been here so I'm pretty familiar with it. Beautiful place out there, Ferndale.

Anyways, I have a map pulled up as I'm typing this. To access the area you're talking about would I take Grizzly Bluff Rd. through Waddington towards the river?? Because as I'm looking at it right now, Grizzly Bluff Road has a split at E. Ferry Rd. and again at Price Creek School Rd.

If you could talk to me like I'm new that would be most helpful. Haha.

Last thing I want is an irate farmer threatening to call the police on me or a sheriffs deputy pulling up to the area where I'm shooting, while I'm shooting.

P.S. If you have coordinates of the location you're specifying that would be helpful too.
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