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Originally Posted by deadcoyote View Post
In Ferndale you can shoot on the River bar but only is certain places that meet the buffer requirements from paved roads and dwellings. I believe DFW and the county
Both give out pamphlets on where you can shoot at and not.

Iíve taken my kids shooting in Lacks Creek area of 6 rivers national forest. Itís not to my liking, only because itís a lot higher traffic than horse mountain and you canít shoot as far.

PS: while I believe horse mountain is totally safe, I would make sure you keep a loaded pistol on your person all the time. There was a murder of someone shooting up there in the late 90ís or 2000 about, and I had a run in where two guys tried to rob my friend and I of our firearms (with a knife ��). This was a long time ago, same era around 00 or 01. I spend a lot of time up there and havenít had any Problems since. Itís just remote so you need to be prepared to handle your own issues regarding personal safety (medical supplies, water, etc).
Hello! Thank you for your input. I'll make sure to check out lacks creek in the future.

As for carrying a tool on your person whilst being in a remote area; I did just that. There was something about that place that made me feel like I was being watched. After reading your anecdote, I'll make sure to do that every time moving forward.
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