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Originally Posted by SharedShots View Post
Who is we? A lot of gun owners use the term and some of them when in the public arena. Maybe the we is your circle of friends or acquaintances only?

It doesn't hurt. And you know this for a fact right because every gun law in Ca approved by the voters was so because words and perceptions didn't matter?

I say that using the term is at least harmful because it creates a bad perception, can be heard or read in public forums of all types and you argue that lets just keep doing what we've been doing because we are winning so often, is that right?
No, i argue claims that saying “evil features”, which was the example you chose, is causing any harm. Nobody is discussing features at starbucks or anywhere outside the hobby.

Now youre desperately trying to stretch that to cover “every gun law”, lets go there. Tell me what negative term we used that caused us to have a ten day wait.

Then safe handling.

Next, tell me what term did we use for C and R so that we can no longer do ftf transactions.

Then, what term triggered the mandate that we undergo a background check to buy ammo.

Its a tsunami of regulations designed to boil the frog and erase the right. Its got nothing to do with air quotes or the mention of evil features. Again, nobody knew what a “feature” was until they were banned, so Elvis had already left the building.

I don’t disagree that we should always put on the best face in public, i do not disagree with that premise.

I do disagree that you seeing air quotes in a gun store is in any way responsible for or leading to more regulation.
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It's easy to be a keyboard warrior, you would melt like wax in front of me, you wouldn't be able to move your lips.
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Print it out and frame it for all I care
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I don't need to think at all..
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You are talking to someone who already won this lame conversation, not a brick a wall. Too bad you don't realize it.
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Unfortunately for you, I have the truth on my side and... Iím definitely better than you at what you make a living from.
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