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Default No child in home, but children do some over occasionally-safe storage question.

I live in a townhome with my room/housemate in the Bay Area. Neither of us have kids, but my roommmate does have friends with kids.

I keep my handgun in my bedside drawer, without a round chambered (during the day while at work) and loaded at night while im home.

My question is, if a child were to enter my room, find my gun and shoot him/herself, or another person, would I be liable (criminally or civilly)?

The question stems from the fact that my roommate has people over without telling me, and i'm worried that he won't tell me when/if a child is over, and that child could possibly enter my room and find my gun.

Again, totally hypothetical, but i want to know what the law says about these things.

*side note: I understand that getting a safe/lock box and/or locking my room will prevent any issues to begin with. I am not interested in those answers, only the hypotheticals around my scenario.
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