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Question First time doing a PPT for an off roster pistol

I really hope I'm asking in the right thread. If not, please don't bash me.

I'm going to be doing my first PPT for an off roster pistol and I had a few questions.

1. If the firearm in question wasn't obtained/ imported legally, at what point would I know? Would it be immediately when the FFL inputs the serial number? I have a huge fear of giving someone $1000+ and them walking away scott free while I'm out a gun and the money.

2. For PPT's, would there be any random reason I'd fail the background check if I normally would pass for a new purchase?

3. If the firearm was not legally imported/ obtained, what happens to it? Does the FFL hold it for ransom or does it get destroyed/ confiscated by the local PD/SD???

Any advice and insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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