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Default AR Lower sold as "long gun" built into "pistol"

Long story short, I have a few AR lowers that were DROS'd as "long guns" since the state refuses to DROS any stripped receiver as a pistol or frame, even though those are options. I understand why it cannot be DROS'd as a pistol since it doesn't comply with the pistol requirements. However, it can, and should be sold as a frame. The 4473 has these marked as "other" and not as a long gun since they are just that, an "other".

My question... Does anyone know of case law supporting or against building an AR pistol from a stripped receiver that was DROS'd as a "long gun"?

It looks like the state is getting away this crap because of this:

16865. As used in Section 26860, "long gun" means any firearm that
is not a handgun or a machine-gun.

Obviously it's not a handgun or machine-gun, since it's just a receiver. So under law, it's automatically classified as a "long gun". Any because it's now a "long gun" all SBR laws would apply to it.

I really do hate this state more and more as time goes on.
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