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How about two additional sub-forums:

1. The Science of it all
2. Self Defense/Home Defense

For the first one, there are some remarkably knowledgeable people here who have a lot to contribute not always related to a just a single aspect of firearms ownership and instead go deep, not where many people really want to go Some people want to talk about ballistics, the mechanics of lubrication and so on. If you want to dive deep into the history and whys of things, this would be the place. Why are there more than one ballistic coefficient? Find the answer there.

The second one. There is no doubt that people just watching and "lurking" see the same theme over and over, a discussion takes place and before you know it everything gets into the shooting of bad guys, fire fights and such things. It happens on almost every thread no matter what the OP asked about - shooting someone - bad guy whatever. There has to be far more to all this than everything being about shooting some bad guy.

Looking from the outside in you might think a majority of the people here are running around just waiting for someone to present an opportunity. Its like a certain segment eat, breathe and exist in a world where they step outside their front door and it's game on, time to do battle.

Take any AR thread and it always comes down to shooting someone. Go look for yourself and you'll see it too. There is more to it, a lot more.

There should be a place where all the tactical talk can be the primary subject or it just becomes the primary subject of the entire forum and that doesn't bode well for expanding visitor and member rolls.
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