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So, you want to fish a cable into an existing conduit populated with energized conductors? Can I have your guns?

You’re not telling us a few things - how large the conduit is, how many conductors & sizes, how/where the conduits are terminated.

While per Article 770.133 (NEC), nonconductive fiber cables can be run jointly in a raceway with electric power, lighting, and Class 1 circuits, they cannot occupy a cabinet, outlet box, etc., unless the fiber is functionally associated with the circuits.

Furthermore, if you weren’t planning on disconnecting the power conductors and pulling them all back to add the fiber and pull all the cables back in together I highly doubt you’d be successful. Cables/wires will twist during the install and I don’t see you being able to run a fishtape through and back out of a populated raceway.

And yes, I’ve pulled my share of LV cable and also design telecom infrastructure for a living.

I’d either do a wireless bridge or run a new trench/ductbank. But call ‘DigAlert’ before trenching...
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