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i am not a range shooter due to bad California experiences and if I was going to shoot i would take a couple of days off and go to the Douglas county (nevada) range out by their dump. Kind of like placerville used to be. Got to have the right smell to it (LOL).

But i would not have a problem as a volunteer helping with regular cleanups if it is not too far away on the weekend. I live outside of Folsom. Show me a set up and if I can help i will for those who need a range to shoot at. But can i make a suggestion? If there are going to be problem shooters and there are always one or two that push it then make it clear the sheriff is who they will be talking to and risking their right to guns in this state. don't make threats just make sure they know what will happen if they endanger others. Make it a range everyone can be proud of and happy to bring their kids/wives to. Just my thoughts. I'll be one of those who handle the rake, shovel, and wheel barrel so others can enjoy the range. My doctor will thank you if you can give me some meaningful work to keep the old ticker going and costing me a few pounds. (LOL).

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