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amishfarmer 02-21-2021 5:54 PM

Alien gear shapeshift?? Any good for 238?
I wanted personal experiences from CG about the Aliengear shapeshifter set of holsters for the 238. I like that I can carry it different ways and it has a way to holster in the car, i like to be easily switch when driving to and from.
Anyone out there got one and use it for the 238? I'd like to know before I throw down the $140

L84CABO 02-21-2021 7:14 PM

This is probably the most critical review I've seen on this holster. But the notion that a holster that is designed to do everything, ends up not excelling at anything particularly well, I think is accurate. There are better holsters out there for individual carry positions. For $140, I'd rather buy two really good holsters, than one that ends up being just/maybe ok. YMMV.

amishfarmer 02-21-2021 8:39 PM

I'm mostly interested in something I can easily remove than mount in my vehicle. I like to carry when I do uber eats but it's more comfortable in my vehicle holster than IWB. So something I can take off holster in Vehicle then easily reupholster IWB of even in pocket when I'm in and out.of vehicle is what I'm looking for

swordknives 02-22-2021 10:47 PM

So I just bought one for mine after having a standard IWB FOR MY G26. I find the IWB to be ok I do like that I can adjust the retention but it is thicker that a standard holster.

Also you can go from OWB to the car mount but not IWB to car without taking it apart. Also the IWB paddle is not a concealment holster as it sticks out way too much.

amishfarmer 02-23-2021 6:21 AM

How is the OWB? It seems like it would stick out alot. Esp with summer coming up

1911-CV 02-23-2021 10:14 AM

AlienGear OWB

Originally Posted by amishfarmer (Post 25481047)
How is the OWB? It seems like it would stick out alot. Esp with summer coming up

Not bad for a shield, but not a t-shirt option...

amishfarmer 02-23-2021 11:39 AM

So I might have to make another post about a holster system that I'm looking for.
I'm not going purchase the aliengear setup.
Im thinking just piecing my own setup getting a IWB and OWB I like with a vehicle mounted holster.
That I just throw it in a shoulder sling pack thing I have and just use that

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