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soiralknarf 03-09-2021 2:05 PM

Five-seveN special order
Does anyone have any idea when Turner's might get any Five-seveN pistols in stock? Should I call FN directly? I put one on special order at the beginning of February and the wait is killing me lol :D

krypto99 03-09-2021 2:26 PM

Be patient grass hopper. This isn't the gun market pre covid, peaceful protests, and a gun grabbing .gov in power. The game a has changed.

darkstar2000 03-15-2021 8:54 AM

Its gonna be forever!!! Lol jk

DaveInOroValley 03-15-2021 8:59 AM

I'm taking a chance on the KelTec P50. Never owned a KelTec.

darkstar2000 03-15-2021 9:08 AM

Id honestly wait for the other pistol. Especially since you own other firearms.

soiralknarf 03-16-2021 7:06 PM

Wish we could own those in CA, they look sick!

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