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amishfarmer 08-02-2019 12:01 AM

Probable Pipedream: reinstating target shooting at Knoxville BLM
So a time ago one could go plinking up at Knoxville BLM. Due to individuals not being responsible target shooting was no longer permitted out there. I was hoping that I could maybe drum up some volunteers that would like to help try to get target shooting reopened in Knoxville. I wanted to contact the rangers office with some names (including myself) that would be willing to police up the range and try to keep it clean and safe. Shooting places around the solano/Sonoma area are drying up. I would like to see if we could possibly get some reopened to help all shooters. Obviously I cant do this alone. Anyone else interested in trying this and helping out?

Romeo_alpha01 08-02-2019 12:39 AM

I’m down. Would be nice, as I hear GFOS and ASP might potentially be shutting down the range.

amishfarmer 08-02-2019 9:09 PM

any other takers?

455H013 08-04-2019 4:17 PM

Im in. i would love to have a place that reasonable close to home.

amishfarmer 08-05-2019 5:54 AM

Cool! Thanks! I'd like to get seeing anyone else would be interested.

Romeo_alpha01 08-05-2019 6:54 AM

Maybe it would help if you propose your plan here for others to critique before we make the proposal to BLM.

amishfarmer 08-08-2019 4:44 PM

Fairly straightforward. A few names that would help take charge of periodically checking on the range and keeping it clean. I think if I propose a plan with names of volunteers to keep it clean, this shows the Rangers that we are taking the initiative and trying to be proactive about keeping the privilege of a shooting range open. Of course the ulitimate decision would come from the BLM and when there is concern of fire danger it can be closed. But if some shooters show the willingness to step up and we can keep it consistent I think we could show them we are serious about it.

I"m not sure how much that area would be used but I think bi weekly or monthly clean ups would keep that area nice. The real problem is enforcement. Which we need some help with but we could be points of contacts for any guests that we bring up there.

455H013 08-09-2019 9:12 PM

So a once a month shoot/clean. Im in for sure

amishfarmer 08-12-2019 1:30 AM

So if I can get a few people to step up the next step would maybe meet up for some coffee or something to meet in person. I think that might make sharing phone numbers and real names a little more comfortable for everyone, unless everyone is cool just Pming me that info.

amishfarmer 08-15-2019 3:16 AM

Before I can start this I could use a few more volunteers to show interest and help give the BLM office some confidence about keeping it clean

big red 08-15-2019 8:49 PM

i am not a range shooter due to bad California experiences and if I was going to shoot i would take a couple of days off and go to the Douglas county (nevada) range out by their dump. Kind of like placerville used to be. Got to have the right smell to it (LOL).

But i would not have a problem as a volunteer helping with regular cleanups if it is not too far away on the weekend. I live outside of Folsom. Show me a set up and if I can help i will for those who need a range to shoot at. But can i make a suggestion? If there are going to be problem shooters and there are always one or two that push it then make it clear the sheriff is who they will be talking to and risking their right to guns in this state. don't make threats just make sure they know what will happen if they endanger others. Make it a range everyone can be proud of and happy to bring their kids/wives to. Just my thoughts. I'll be one of those who handle the rake, shovel, and wheel barrel so others can enjoy the range. My doctor will thank you if you can give me some meaningful work to keep the old ticker going and costing me a few pounds. (LOL).

amishfarmer 08-16-2019 5:30 AM

Big red,
This might be a bit of a drive for you from Folsom but if you are willing to help I appreciate it.
As far as bad shooters, I'm sure everyone is clear that enforcement will be left up to those that have that authority. I want a range that everyone will feel safe to come to and bring their families too. That will take some time and an active effort by those wanting to protect the range, assuming we can get it reopened.

big red 08-16-2019 2:55 PM

Keep me posted and i will do what I can even driving from Folsom. We need to preserve the ranges we have left or can reopen and work with everyone. But let me know what the mileage so I can make the time. if you are willing to try so am I.

amishfarmer 08-26-2019 1:04 AM

Anyone else wanna try to help out?

CrowToad 08-28-2019 10:04 PM

I'd be willing to help once a month. I'm generally free on the weekends and have a truck to haul debris if need be.

amishfarmer 08-29-2019 4:45 AM

Please PM me your name and number. I have 5 names including myself that I will hope give the BLM office some confidence.

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