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National 2nd Amend. Political & Legal Discussion Discuss national gun rights and 2A related political topics here. All advice given is NOT legal counsel.

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Old 06-06-2019, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post

Pro Tip: Try reading the Rules and following them instead of trying to blame others for your inability to do so.
Me: A failure to communicate is always the deficiency of the party having greater information.
Them: I don't understand

Me: A failure to communicate is always the deficiency of the party having greater information.
Them: What does that mean?

Me: A failure to communicate is always the deficiency of the party having greater information.
Them: Please explain?

Me: A failure to commun …. OK, stop screwing with me.
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Old 06-06-2019, 3:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Python6357 View Post
I don't see what I said as vulgar at all. It was a light hearted joke that people here apparently can't handle. Every other gun forum I've been on allows free speech as long as you aren't threatening anyone. This forum, much like this state, is so afraid of people getting offended that they ban people for any little thing that can be considered offensive. The other guy, who just so happened to be against the NRA, was also banned, but the others we were arguing with were not. This other idiot non-stop calls anyone he disagrees with a Hillary supporter. THAT is a serious insult that I'd deck someone for calling me in person. Seems pretty biased to me.
Originally Posted by TRICKSTER View Post
You do realize that this makes you sound like a violent and unstable person?
Funny you call others snowflakes. At least they don't threaten violence over words.
Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
Apparently not.

Apparently he's also incapable of taking responsibility for his own words and actions.

Pro Tip: Try reading the Rules and following them instead of trying to blame others for your inability to do so.
Python6357 apparently doesn't have the cognitive ability to
understand and follow a very simple rule, despite a Temp Ban and
numerous warnings.

And yet we should trust all of his Anti-NRA Rhetoric.

Which, if you read thru them, contains half truths, lies of omission,
logical fallacies, and ultimately help Bloomberg's efforts to destroy
the NRA and divide the Pro 2A community, even if that was not his

Burning the NRA to the Ground because of allegations there has
been shenanigans from Wayne LaPierre will only benefit the Anti-2A
Zealots agenda.

They point to Wayne's silence on the issue as some sort of admission
of Guilt, ignoring that there are 3 lawsuits in play, and any 1st Year
Law Student would advise their client NOT TO TALK IN PUBLIC about
any aspect of the case.

Python6357 belief that salaries at the NRA should be Arbitrarily
capped at $100k shows his naiveté, and lack of leadership experience in
running any type of organization, not to mention his posts show a level
of ignorance on how the Political Sausage is Actually made.

We currently have all of this in play:
  • NY (D) G. Cuomo attacks NRA finances, attempting to cripple NRA.
  • NRA lawsuit, supported by ACLU, against Cuomo's malfeasance.
  • NY AG Runs Anti-NRA platform, elected, threatens NRA 501c status.
  • NRA prepares for audit, Ack-Mac uncooperative, NRA sues them.
  • Bloombergs The Trace pushes Anti-NRA Rhetoric with NRA's 990.
  • Leftist New Yorker also pushes the Anti-NRA Rhetoric on NRA's 990
  • NY AG launches hostile NRA investigation, in attempt to revoke 501c
  • Ack-Mac counter sues NRA.

So 3 Lawsuits, 1 illegal attempt to cripple NRA's Finances, 1 Hostile
Investigation by a AG who declared the NRA a "Terrorist Organization"
and wants to revoke NRA's 501c status, which would basically dissolve
the NRA, in an attempt to destroy it before the 2020 elections.

And people like Python6357 want to fixate on allegations
that LaPierre inappropriately spent money on suits over a 15 year period
and other claims of NRA malfeasance from a vocal, yet tiny, minority.

Ignoring the Severe attacks from the Anti-2A Leftists on the NRA,
which threatens the NRA's very existence.

The Truth of NRA malfeasance, if any, will be exposed within all the
listed actions currently in play, and appropriate actions can then be taken,
following the concepts of Due Process & Presumption of Innocence.

If you feel their is enough evidence to support changes at the NRA,
remember the next NRA election is less than a year away. You can
also Contact the NRA Directors, voice your viewpoints right now.

If you want changes to NRA leadership, Vote for the Directors that
best represent your views, and if they become the majority, changes
favoring your viewpoints will start to occur.

That is how it is done, not being part of an Anti-NRA Internet Outrage
Mob, which does nothing but help divide the Pro 2A community to the
Delight of the Anti-2A Bloomberg Minions and Democrat Zealots.

Lets Concentrate on Saving the NRA from the Leftist Horde First, by
continuing to support the NRA with Donations and Public Support.

We need the NRA functioning for the 2020 Elections, despite what
the Anti-NRA crowd would like you to believe.

If you Abandon the NRA now, you are Doing Exactly What
Bloomberg and his Anti-2A paid shills want you to do.

Don't fall for it.

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