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Despite having anti-gun parents, I wanted a gun ever since I was 7yo and played 007 Goldeneye for n64. When I was 12, I was staying with family friends out near Oregon border, and learned to shoot a .22lr tube-fed in preparation for an overnight stake out; there were deer coming in at night and eating out of the vegetable garden. Loved them even more ever since. Bought my first .22 on my 18th birthday, and have since put at least 5000 rounds through it before it got confiscated by the police (not my proudest moment; I was on my 10 day wait for my m91/30 when I went to jail, and picked it up 2 days after I got out ; charges were all dropped btw). Got it back a year ago (completely forgot about it til they contacted me) and am still popping off rounds with it. Good old Marlin.
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