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@sfdwarrior I don't see why anybody would need to be under that bridge where the homeless are, as far as conceal carrying there. Any idea which bridge that was or how old that picture is? 99 or I5? I remember for a bit there were tents up and down the canal like 4 or 5. Tents on the side of the road. I know on the south 99 to crosstown freeway ramp you can see this guys shack. it looks pretty nifty to, elevated off the ground. has a bbq grill there. lots of chickens! I hope he loves eggs or likes plucking and boiling chicken(I have no idea how to get eggs from chickens or make them produce eggs). Realistically, although it is a dangerous place as far as proximity to 40mph traffic and freeway traffic. It is really unused land. I've never seen anybody grilling or around there. Must be gathering stuff.

I'm sure there are lots of "homeless" documentaries about how they gather old stuff and repurpose it. I could probably learn a lot in the SHTF area from these guys.
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