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Default Ruger Precision Rifle

Originally Posted by ShaunBrady View Post
It looks to me like it could be rebarreled with many standard contour blanks. The front of an AR15 receiver is 1 1/4 x 18 with a minor diameter of 1.190". The tenon would be cut and threaded as if it was a nut less design. The first couple inches just past the shoulder would be threaded 1 1/4 x 18, and any 1.25" section ahead of the threads turned down to just below the minor diameter. The shoulder feature could be performed with a lock nut or spacer.

Rather than cutting AR receiver threads on the barrel itself and threading an AR barrel nut on there, I was just thinking of making a replacement barrel nut that the desired handguard attaches to and then boring the inside out so that the barrel clamps it against the receiver like a recoil lug.
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