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This is really a general response but...

I've taken a lot of classes and the one thing I know that I am not is an expert on training. There is a lot going on under the hood that I have come to find out while talking shop on the side with some of the instructors. Some things some instructors can do while others try to get away with it. But again being exposed to how little I know about how to train people I would say that is an opinion of mine but I hope a insightful one.

One thing however that seems to stick and never go wrong though is this.

Certain instructors draw certain types of people and you can get a pretty good ballpark of the quality and type of training offered by the nature of their students. Cobra Kai is Cobra Kai... Amway is Amway... If I were brand spanking new and wondering how to judge a training outfit, I would look at the fruit as you shall know the tree by them.
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