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Great job. Did you end up doing a electochemical etching or were those Egyptian parts that already had the markings?
My first AK was from an Egyptian military kit. I just recently had my family out of state cut up my junk civilian export Maadi then ship me the parts. I rebuilt it on a CA legal receiver, did the electro chemical engraving of the arabic selector markings on the receiver but left the MISR-10 markings on the rear sight base. Built up the bayonet lug with weld beads then ground it down to retain a bayonet again, then put a muzzle brake on the barrel (the clinton era ones often had threads shaved off). Then put scope rail on as well. Refinished a Romanian buttstock and got rid of the civilian export version stock. Not to mention the MISR 10 was headspaced too tight also, so redid that. But at least I get a gun with an Egyptian barrel out of the deal, looking at it from an optimist point of view.
The first AK I built from the egyptian kit was all arabic numbers matching kit.
I want to electro chemical engrave arabic markings on the rear sight leaf of the old MISR 10 kit also. Used virgin Romanian barrel which was pretty loose fit in trunion but got it headspaced right and pinned.
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