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But the legalization kingpins do not confront contrary positions, they merely ignore them. If one takes their dubious assumptions for granted, legalization becomes the simple solution for a freer, more just society. It would decrease the crime of our inner cities. It would eliminate the need for "mafias" to distribute the stuff. It would drastically reduce the prison population. It would allow us to better combat diseases like HIV that are sometimes spread through multiple needle use. It would protect our civil liberties by reducing the need for police searches, roadblocks, random urinalyses, etc. It would show mercy to the sick, because it would make available illegal drugs that may have some medicinal value, like marijuana for glaucoma and AIDS sufferers. It would improve our relations with drug-producing countries, like Peru and Colombia, because no longer will we be violating their sovereignty by insisting on crop eradication and the like. And, for the fiscally-conscious, it would allow us to transfer needed resources from drug interdiction to more humanitarian-related endeavors, like education and treatment. In a certain way, it has the same seductive appeal that communism had in a recent age. It will solve all the world's problems and bring about a utopia here on earth.
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