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Originally Posted by 5shot View Post
The area on the east side of 71 is now gated off (or at least it was last week). You may be able to park 1 car there, but I didn't notice if the small area left is posted no parking or not. Before they fenced it off, you could park 5-6 cars there.
I didn't notice if the access road on the west side of 71 is gated or not.
Both sides are gated. West side is posted No Parking. Never looked at the East side.
Industrial area on the South side of the 91 has No Parking signs all over the place. You can see where there is a cut in the corner of the parking lot fence and a trail leading under the 91, but I dont want to get my Truck towed.
I'm thinking I'll have to Bike in on the Santa Ana River Trail. Not sure if it connects from Green River. Dont know if the Golf Course lets people pass through.
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