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Originally Posted by 9mmepiphany View Post
Here is a video of the chase and shooting...the written description didn't do it justice
Good find on that video.

Wow. I am filled with a lot of anger after seeing that. I know it is not the whole video but I sure hope they cited the father for not using a condom that night.

When I saw them go through the intersection I was thinking, I bet those guys wish that those sirens were louder and their lights were brighter. I was surprised to see that a lot of folks pulled over or out of the way.

All that I had heard was the audio at first so I thought, oh he was shot 6 times? Back East? Was the guy only shot 6 times because the officer only had a revolver? I was shocked to see the semi auto, Glock perhaps? I did not stop the video to look at all angles of the gun.

Well, I was wrong about a few things too but after watching the video, man, I wanna slap the crap out of that father. AND inline with the other comments, yes, the complete disregard for all others on the road and for life and property was a dealbreaker for being anyone's kid. I prolly would have shot him after he rammed me the first time. Then again, I am not as trained as the officers that were involved.