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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
Bands of roving thugs are going to be cumbersome to move about, feeding and keeping them in armed is going to be a logistical impossibility. They will stick out like a whore in church and be less welcome.

My point is that your attacking thugs are going to catch hell long before they even get close.

That being said, I can't imagine the carnage in major urban area's.
I agree but my concern is magnitude when SHTF.

It's one thing when a few hundred, a thousand, or even a few thousand African bushmen compromise the security concern in a 50 sq mile area (for scale consider that Long Beach CA is only 63 sq miles); it's another thing when tens of thousands start to empty from multiple cities all at once. Even a 2% flight-rate from a tiny place like Indian Wells, CA (pop. 5,000) sends 100 people down the road in vehicles + some weapons. Apply 2% to Fresno (pop, 500,000) you get 10,000 hitting the road in vehicles, some with military and/or police training, certainly a fair # of bangers, and some with high quality weapons. The sheer # of people gives an extended distribution across a wide area.

10,000 people is an army division. It seems rural folk (within a gas tank of a major city...300 miles) may literally run out of bullets based on the sheer # of potential engagements. And then 80% of these fleeing urban folks run out of gas and are on foot & on the move perhaps 150-250 miles from their point of origin.

More disturbing is when I admit a 2% flight rate seems low.

Edit: It seems I have found some useful small unit leadership links:

Small Unit Leadership

Command and Leadership for the Small Unit Leader

Big thanks to Bigguns85 for his link. I found some of the books referenced above to view

Here is an online PDF scanner based out of UC Santa Barbara that will scan for embedded exploits/malware in PDF documents
You can have it scan a link or scan an actual file

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