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Originally Posted by G-forceJunkie View Post
I didn't realize using the inherent physical differences between the sexes when discussing particular physical abilitys was misogynistic. I suppose the soldiers in the threads about females in combat roles is misogynistic? Or the statement that men are, in general, stronger and faster? Show me an Olympic event based on physical strength and speed that is bested by a female. People are different. The sexes, in general, are build different. Stop trying to fight that biological fact just for arguments or PC sake.
We're not talking about weight lifting.
We're talking about the ability to rack a gun slide. Your argument is completely irrelevant for the topic of discussion.

I'm an average sized female (ok 1 inch taller than average) but small build. I have been shooting since I was 5' and 12 years old . I've never met a gun I can't rack and I've shot at least dozens of different types of guns.
I'll take the challenge happily any day.

WTB: multiautomatic ghost gun with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Must include shoulder thing that goes up. Memberships/Affiliations: CERT, ARRL ARES, NRA Patron Member, HRC, CGN/CGSSA, Cal-FFL

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