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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
Having served in the military, I've seen women routinely clear Beretta M9s without any trouble-and that's a gun which was DEFINITELY not designed with women users in mind.
I would wager that women in the military would fall towards the top of the scale on strength and pistol skills compared to the average women. This thread is about the average female, not ones in occupations that require routine physical conditioning and marksmenship training. When i say "women in general" I am including everyting from the 18 year old "95 pound weekling' as someone else put it, to the OP's 89 year old grandma.

Lets leave the BS made up stat on MSNBC where they belong , shall we?
I can only report what I have seen with my own eyes. Or are you straight up calling me a liar?


What's this got to do with the OPs post?

Firearms are not one size fits all instruments. A gun which fits perfect for a pro shooter like Jessie Duff is probably completely unworkable for a big handed guy like me. Vice versa, she probably wouldn't enjoy shooting and handling my Beretta 92FS.
I fully agree! Some guns are too big for some people. Some guns are too small. Some slides are too stiff for some people. Some guns have controlls in places that some people have difficulty operating. We are all different, we all need to find the instrument that fits our own needs. Suggesting that people with small hands choose smaller gripped guns is prudent. Suggesting that people with lesser upper body and hand strength choose guns without heavily sprung slides is prudent. Suggesting that recoil sensitive people not choose a .44 magnum is prudent.

By the same measure, just because I can make a 2" group at 40 paces with it doesn't mean you automatically can too. Your hands aren't the same size as mine.
Your getting into skills, that is not this threads topic. Hand size has nothing to do with skill or size. Skill and good weapon fit along with mechanical accuracy of the firearm and ammo is what makes group sizes.

Every individual must find a weapon which works for their hand size and needs.

....because she wasn't involved in the purchasing process!
100% correct. If only he had realized that his wife most likely had less upper body/hand strength, and may not have been able to work all pistols. She should have been involved in selection process where her particular needs could have been matched with an appropriate pistol.

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