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Default Why are some men like this.....?

This is justa little snip it of some a**hat's comments on another forum. Why do some guys ruin it for the lady that is trying to learn buy just shoving a revolver at them? Really? I just get so angry! I don't think I'm anything special, just a regular lady. I don't know much, but I have guts and confidence and I think if you add that into the equation, ANY gal with some training and shoot. They are talking about a Kahr CW9.... this gun by no means is a beast in any way. Super smooth and easy to shoot. I think my 89 year old grandma could handle it.
What's with guys like this??

"i think ur wife falls within the 90% of women who indeed have a very hard time racking kahrs. I think that was a real reason back when, kahr introuduced their lady PM9. It had a 16# recoil spring instead of factory 18#. evidently sales sucked or the reduction was still not enough to cintinue offering the gun. Not the best forum to be saying this but I have always felt kahrs are not for most women. If they can't go througth the hand racking, clearing a jam. unloading and loading a kahr then get them into something that they feel 100% comforatable with, and in most cases a wheelgun will fit that bill most all the time. and as ____(removed member name)___ stated a 25 is not a gun to put in a womans hands, whether she can rack it or not and sometimes again whether we will admit it or not some women just cannot handle a GUN... "
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