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So, my girlfriend of what is close to six months just received her MA. I was unable to attend her graduation because I do not have the money to fly out or the ability to speak work. Although she says otherwise, I am positive that she is bent out of shape about it, so I want to make it up to her somehow. She has just about everything, has done quite a bit, and comes from a very well off family, so trying to find her something she does not already have is a pain.

I am not to the point of buying her jewelry yet, since I like to think that takes a certain amount of time and emotional investment to get to. She is not a very big fan of firearms, yet accepts my ownership and perspective. My budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of $75-$100. Flowers were already sent. And we're going to baseball game once she returns, although that's been planned for quite some time.

I appreciate the help, ladies. Guys are welcome to chime in as well.
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