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Originally Posted by rplusplus View Post
Way back I used to think my job as a REMF Electronics Tech wasn't very "Glorious"... No storming the beaches etc. Then on my second cruise in Gulf War I, I was invited to the ready room of our Attack Squadron by the CO, along with all the rest of the TRON's in my shop.

They showed us a video of the Alpha Strike into the heart of Baghdad. The CO was narrating the video from the nose FLIR. Alll you could see was green silohete on green of the terrain. Then the whole screen was lit up with AAA and SAM's as they planes got close. Then the CO said... "And here is where we turned on YOUR jammers" and the AAA stopped or scattered and the SAM's fell to the ground or shot off harmlessly with no tracking.

He turned to us and said... "Thank you, if your Jammers didn't do thier job half my men wouldn't be here in this room tonight". Then we got a standing ovation.

Makes you pretty humble when you are 21 years old.

Never again did I think that what I did, didn't matter.

I would tell that story to every new guy I got in my shop from then on to never listen to those who would dismiss what those not on the tip of the spear do.
That is so awsome!!!
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