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Originally Posted by WARDOG View Post
Am I missing something?
Who said it and where, when?

Regarding the comment about "Citizens" and "Civilians". I can't agree.
While I am fed up with jackwagons running our country with no life experience, and have made politics a carreer, not everyone has what it takes to serve in the military. Both of my Grandfathers were drafted for WWII. One couldn't make it because his right arms was run over by a tractor when he was 8 years old. He went on to working at AERO Jet & Boeing as an engineer designing aircraft components. My other grandfather couldn't pass the physical because his feet had abnormalities that prevented him from marching. He went on to become a welder, welding submarines at Mare Island, and the Oakland shipyards during WWII.
Both were great men who contributed greatly to the war effort, and being very successful people.
We could help our country immensely if we stopped allowing politics to become a carreer. That would prevent our current President from running a great country into the ground because he has absolutely NO life experience, not even managing a F'ing McDonalds.

As far as DD214's. When I was in they were good enough to indicate your MOS, awards, ribbons, and only some skill identifiers. I was in the Army from 1984-1990. The Army had some crazy rules back then. If you were Ranger qualified, but not assigned to a Ranger unit you could not wear the Ranger tab. Many foreign training was not recognized, and you were not authorized to wear the training identifiers on your BDU's (Foreign Parachute wings, French Commando badge, Jungle Expert patch, etc.) Also, many of the countries that you were deployed to did not show up on your ETS DD-214. I had fellow troopers have complications of malaria from Panama and attempt to get treatment at a Vet's hospital, but their DD214 did not indicate they were ever there. The same goes with strange illnesses by troopers that got sick in Haiti, and Bosnia.
Many times they were stuck because they were inserted into countries, did their job, had to sign non-disclosure agreements about where they were and what they did, and then had to convince the VA that their condition was a cause of where they were.

As far as veterans. Anyone who has served honorably is a veteran. It doesn't matter if they were in combat.
When my twin sons enetered into the military they asked me what job they should get to make a difference. My advice was to learn something that they could apply to the civilian world when they got out.
I also explained the following to them to put members of the military into perspective.
The military is a team . Everyone works together to accomplish the objective. There will be soldiers working out front that you will see, but there are so many support personnel that makes the team work. I understand that 70% of the armed forces serve in a support role.
Intel troops tell you where and when.
Mechanics keep your rigs operational in the harshest of conditions.
Transportation gets the troops around and up front.
Supply gets the food, ammo and fuel where it is needed.
Medical takes care of you when your injured, and keeps you healthy.
Honor Guard helps your family with pride, and acknowledgement of sacrifice when you are buried in the 'leanin' rest'.
Technicians keep your comm's, and tech equipment reliable in the harshest of conditions.
Radio operators know how to talk with one another to get the info through from the soldiers shooting, to the generals pointing.
When you have been in the trenches for months on end, and you get some R&R, you appreciate the ride back to base, hot food, fresh uniforms and equipment, getting cold beer and a warm bed. Forward troops give the support troops a lot of crap, but without support none of it would happen.
The Army gives Navy and Air Force troops a lot of crap too. But when they need air support, high or low there is no complaining.
Now if the Marines can just learn to count past 'four'. Seriously, how the Marines do what they do, with the crappy equipment they have, it's amazing.

That's my input.
101st ABN Pathfinders

I still remember seeing some reservists that were attached to our unit roll up in new gear while in Kuwait right before we headed into Iraq. We were all pretty pissed we got Army hand me downs and they got the best. A reservist tried to say he wasn't suppose to be there because he had a life and that only active duty Marines should be there. Funny how some think they could reap the benefits but not have to "pay up". But we made do with the gear we had. Interestingly one of the most important things I had was my neck gaiter, had a few British soldiers try to barter with me. Spent a lot of time working outside so there was no way I was letting it go.
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