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Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
Just picked up a P-01 a couple of days ago..just joined the forum today. I have not shot in about 12 years....carried daily in GA with a concealed weapons permit....sold my guns, moved to CA and have not had one since.

As far as the grip size goes...I am a newb, or at least a born-again newb...but the gun I bought was a consignment piece and it has a Crimson Trace grip on it which definitely felt like it fattened the grip up a bit from the standard grip. Might not be worth the $300+or- for the grip...but that is a thought that came to my mind.
I've got a good friend who swears by the Crimson Trace grips, not for the size of the grip, but for the tactical application. Thanks for the heads up, that may very well be a future purchase.

Originally Posted by elsolo View Post
Which grips do you have now?
The CZ rubber grips are the best for a good grip, IMHO.
Skateboard tape on the frontstrap is standard equipment on my CZ's.
I currently have the standard rubber grips - the grip I get is good, it just doesn't seem to fill my hand completely. I ordered a custom set of wood grips from, with checkering, finger grooves and a thumbrest. Dennis is also adding 2mm palm swell on either side, so I'm hoping this will help make things more comfortable. I'll post pics when they arrive, which should be about a month from now.
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