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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
You guys have to understand where the original comment that started this thread is coming from. I am NOT saying anyone who serves is not a veteran, do not confuse yourself. However, YES it does piss me off that while I am out in a remote COP in Afghanistan without even a shower getting attacked nearly every day there are others on a big *** FOB eating hot meals and having hot showers every night that get the same pay, status, etc. as me. It's like the patch on your right shoulder you get for deploying. All the infantry guys and myself called it a deployment patch while everyone else called it a combat patch. I actually "came up" with a pretty good motto we would say when **** like this would get to us. "This is their war" When we got to go back to my company's COP which had some luxuries and even once in a while the battalion FOB we would see people complain because the MWR was packed. We didn't even have an MWR at our COP. Reasons like that is why people get ticked off but there is a line between a vet and a combat vet. I'm not defending the comment of the guy or even getting into that but I'm just trying to give a perspective for why there is tension between the infantry and POG population.

For large scale wars and such you do need every MOS to support the infantry, yes. You are a veteran if you have worn the uniform and graduated from basic. However a lot of infantry guys (especially at remote COPs) never have those supporting MOS personnel and go the entire deployment doing everything themselves. That is why such bitterness exists. There isn't really a grey area in this so it's hard but like I said I'm just trying to give a view from the other side and how I feel.

If you took offense to this in any way you need thick skin.
With all due respect, I think you have a high horse you need to get off. All this sounds like to me is you are internally in search for something to one-up yourself from those who haven't done EXACTLY what you did, plus the already major life accomplishment of deploying to a war zone for our country, and your explanation to us is a projection of your need for validation.

Honestly no offense, but that's how I read it, and a lot of men in general are this way. It's an ego thing. Not necessarily bad but I just know it when I see it.

I too was at those remote FOBs (Castle, Taghaz, Alcatraz for a bit...As well as Payne and Leatherneck), I'm a POG, and I did the patrols, seen (multiple) people get blown up. Its what you make of it and if someone has an easier deployment than you, big deal and don't let your ego run your thinking.

At the end of the day you signed up for the grunt work, and the other 90% (of the Marine Corps in my case) did not. Its only natural grunts get the **** end of the stick, you must have known that coming in.

Every 03 I have ever met has been cool as hell and have never had any animosity, especially on deployment because we're all out there together.

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