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because of the overlap of Online and people like you who have appoitments - I would suggest you do NOT take advice from us here, lol - call 525-7117 = ask for a ccw person and talk to them - do what they say... if you go on line now, you will have to pick a date WAY out in the future.... Call them, then come back here and tell us what they said - my help others...

In going back and re reading your post... IF you have a renewal appointment, you can do it all on line... I had my appointment Dec 1, I did it on line Thanks Giving day and the very next week, I got a call - come get it... Holly crap.. Back when I made that Dec 1 appointment, It usually took several weeks to get the new CCW - My ccw is good till Jan 28, 2017 = IF I go get it today, it will move my renewal date to two years from the day I pick it up. I called with this info/question - was told just to wait till the end of Jan and come and pick it up - NO Issue with them, it will just sit in the 'pick up file' till I get it.. So, I am waiting..

Do what you want... again, just passing on what I did and what I learned
Enjoy today for tomorrow may never come.. Harley

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