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Default really!

Originally Posted by tileguy View Post
by some of these responses i can tell that there are a lot of young city people on day at the range for that infant is nothing to the years of houses, baby cribs and toys painted with lead base paint.all the little kids and baby's would chew and gnaw on all those things for days.its because of people like some of you we can no longer ride in the back of pick-up trucks, ride our bikes without helmets and smoke em if we got em. some of you guys need to relax a little
Yeah, back in the day we would ride in the back of dad's truck,,on the freeway Race bmx style all over the place with no helmet,,,lead based paint,,mmmm tasty! and yes I stole some of my old man's Pall Mall's it was the 70's,,,am i lucky I lived?,,,I think so anyways!

It all depends on where you live and what your doing,,,But an infant at the range,,,,f'ing really?? It's 2013 and MORONS are everywhere you turn,, could you even imagine rolling around Los Angeles with your kids in the back of your truck,,,, Now if I'm down on Pismo Beach doing 5 mph,,sure why not,,,I can't depend on others not doing stupid things,,hence i stay out of the way and pay attention to others. In 1950 Calif population was approx 10 million and now it's close to 40 million,,you figure it out

I suppose that asbestos under the " tile " is no big deal either tileguy,,,