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Knowing the distance from the target and the exact trajectory, significantly increases the chances of a successful shot, particularly when hunting in vast terrain. With the Victory 8x26 T* PRF Rangefinding Monocular (52 45 61), Carl Zeiss has created a compact, lightweight instrument that provides a real advantage in the field.

With the 8x magnification, targets can be precisely located at long distances. The lens diameter of 26 mm ensures a bright image, even in twilight.

The lenses feature T* multicoating and Zeiss' protective LotuTec coating for optimum viewing in any conditions. The rugged polycarbonate housing is nitrogen filled and sealed to prevent internal fogging and to ensure waterproof performance.

The comfortable eyecup can be screwed out to several settings and securely locked in place again. Thanks to the integrated diopter compensation and the special eyepiece, the PRF can be used comfortably with or without glasses.

Covering distances up to 1200 yd/1300 m, the Victory PRF's laser rangefinding system is accurate to 1 yd/m up to 600 yd/650 m. At longer distances it is accurate within 0.5%. Measurements can be taken in yards or meters and the scanning mode is ideal for moving subjects.

The PRF's one-touch measuring button activates the invisible IR laser - within a fraction of a second the illuminated LED readout display is visible in the field of view. An automatic sensor adjusts the display's brightness to adapt to ambient lighting conditions for maximum clarity at all times.

The Ballistic Information System (BIS) works with the laser rangefinder to determine the proper hold-over for specific centerfire cartridges. When the BIS is engaged, two measurements will be seen in rapid succession. The first reading will show the distance to the target, the second will indicate the holdover.

The styling is designed for two-handed use, much like a binocular. This method of handling offers a stable and comfortable viewing experience.
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