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Don't forget your age. I don't know how old you are but I'm a prior Army Reservist and joined the Guard so I can put in an application to become a warrant officer and fly helos. I was 28 when I joined and didn't finish my Flight Physical until I was 31 because I had 20/150 vision so I went and got LASIKS and have 20/15 vision now (out of my own pocket I might add). My battalion commander let me know a month ago that I won't be given an age waiver because the need for pilots isn't enough currently. It is VERY competative and they only choose the best of the best to go to flight school because they don't want you messing up and getting sent back because it costs the State a lot of $$$$ to send someone there.

To become a warrant officer helicopter pilot you need to be 32 or younger and if you are between 28 and 32 you need an age waiver. It also helps a lot to know aviators in your chain of command, that I didn't have because I am commo.

Now I don't what want to do, I don't want to get stuck doing commo forever, I don't even do anything pertaining to my MOS in my unit as well. I am thinking about reclasses to a 15W which is an UAV operator but there aren't any of those close to where I am. Also thought of the air guard or AF and they're max age is 30 I believe.
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