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It is a very competitive thing to apply for, being any sort of pilot. I went to basic (Army) with a guy that came in on a WOCS packet to be a helicoptor pilot, so I know it can be done- just know that you get into this, you will be competing with people who have been preparing for it their entire adolescent and/or adult lives for the opportunity. I also had a friend in the Air Force who is a pilot, and even when his class graduated there were not enough aircraft to go around- so not only do you have to make it through, you have to stand out to get what you want.

I think it will depend mostly on what you want to fly. Jets, obviously you'll need to go AF or Navy. Helicoptors you can go Marines or Army. I know next to nothing about the Marine air wing, so you'll have to look elsewhere for that. With the army, we always need helicoptor pilots, but you may or may not get to fly a chopper you like, and even if you do it may not be a fun mission. Depends on what you want to get out of it.

I can tell you though, unless you really want this- don't bother. No offense, but if you're just "dabbling" with the idea, it'll probably be a waste of your and everyone else's time. That's just my opinion though- give it some thought. If you do decide this is what you want to do- good luck!
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