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ok I will will be the villian here...

If all your down to is 9mm, why bother? Your wife doesn't like guns and she probably made you sell your other guns which is why you only have 9mm. Now your going to spend (her) money on reloading equipment and spend time away from her while learning and reloading? This won't end well, I have seen it before with fishing, hunting and other "man" hobbies. Besides, loading for 9mm will barely break you even vs. buying bulk ammo. With the current (non)availablility of components it will get real discouraging real fast.

If anything buy 9mm in bulk, shoot it and train. Save all the brass you can. In the mean time prices will be falling and ammo availability will be back on the market. During this time be nice to the wifey and go to the range together. Shoot together. Reloading is addicting and you will soon want to reload different calibers which means more new guns and more reloading!!
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