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It's either cheap, or easy to set up.

Pick one.

SAP and Oracle's PeopleSoft is THE cream of the crop.

That said, both solutions are very expensive. But really good.

Your free option (free in terms of software cost, anyway) is SugarCRM. This solution, unless you go with a hosted provider, will require a decent amount of time to install, configure and manage *SECURELY*. There are plenty of plugins available for Sugar to increase it's functionality, many of which are quite cool. I'm in the middle of trying to implement a solution like this for my employer, and overall, it looks like it'll do what we need it to do. The only thing that I haven't looked up yet is the report generation that you're looking for.

If you're using this *solely* for bug tracking and customer support, you're searching for the wrong thing.

You want a help-desk management type-system, such as TrackIt (which I've worked with, and which I really do like).
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