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Originally Posted by ptusa View Post
WHAT!!! GFAOS is full of it and a terrible place to buy a gun????
If only there was some California gun community website where you could have found this out in advance...
In other breaking news, water is wet.
But, welcome to Calguns!
OP just joined CGN.

Originally Posted by SmallShark View Post
i remember this store. they reported a "suspicious" AK pistol to DoJ
Hence my Sig line!

Originally Posted by Wilkie94585 View Post
The day after I posted this GFOS caved to the pressure and gave my son his rifle. They acted like they were doing him a huge service. Had I known about this forum before and about all the negative feedback on GFOS, I never would have taken him there to buy his rifle! What a piece of work they are! I wonder if any if their employees are members of this forum?
Glad it worked out. Shame they had to treat you like that. I know you have to have 2 forms, but asking for 3 is crazy talk.
Actually I only started collecting Milsurps 3 years ago. I think I might own about 24...They're cheaper than guns that will most likely never get the opportunity to kill somebody...

Tis better to have Trolled & lost, Than to never have Trolled, at all.

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