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Well it just keeps getting better. My son baught a scope with his rifle and GFOS "bore sighted" it for us before he picked it up. Sunday we went to the range to sight it in to get ready for "D" zone this coming weekend. We went through several boxes of ammo and just couldn't get it close. He would get 3 shot groupings, not good groupings, and they were always several inches from where he was aiming, and everytime we'd make an adjustment the next round of shots would be somewhere else, we were hitting all over the target but not close to the bullseye. I got to looking the rifle over and found that the screws for the scope mounts were not tightened down and the scope was bouncing all over the place!! WTF? I wonder if they were getting me back for the negative feedback I was giving them or if they are just that incompetent? Either way, they already lost my business and this is just another nail in their coffin.
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