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Welcome to the club.. I myself have had far too many bad experiences their.. I was forced to shop their a few weeks ago as my in-laws thought a gift card would be a good present. I cringed at the the of having to shop there. When I walked in the guy at the front counter asked if I was looking for anything in particular (the most customer service I've ever gotten there). I told him I was looking to pick up a knife. He pointed to the knife counter. 45 minutes went past, during which time 5 employees walked past me and I was able to stop 2 and asked to see a knife, both told me the would go get someone. The first employee ! same back and asked if I needed any help, which I told him "it would have been nice to have help the first time I asked for it, and normally I would speak to your manager, but I know customer service isn't a priority in the store." I bought the knife and left without saying another word.

Go ahead, let me have it... Cool story bro...
Boycott GFOS in Vacaville

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