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Originally Posted by snake Dr View Post
I have always found that people that feel the need to tell everyone how great they are; are usually all mouth and no substance. So if cscannoneer is so great, then he should come out to Laguna Seca and prove it; or shut the H___ up! Showing the quotes of what a jerk he is on his own posts, just tells me he is all show and no go; and his opinions are just a way to make himself feel good by putting other people down!

Thanks so much to the folks that were helpful on the subject.

I really don't know why there are so many jerks on every forum, that just get off on putting people down. As we were all taught; there are no stupid questions. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask!. However, asking a question on this forum is just a way to get all the jerks to make you feel like an idiot. That is why I rarely post any questions on this or any other forum. I am so fed up with the jack *** responses from loud mouthed know it all's, that this will be the last time I ever post a question on here. If you can't say something positive, then just keep your prejudicial opinions to yourself!
He needs to prove how great he is by sighting in a rifle like people used to do before lasers were invented?
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