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Originally Posted by SoundENGR View Post
Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. I guess Python2's response is what I'm after. Speaking on the matter of theft, no it does not put my life in danger (well, it hasn't), but I do, however, live off of what is in my trailer, and off of what has been stolen (and yes both incidents have police reports). As a startup business, things that have been stolen from me are my livelihood and loosing them means not paying bills and rent, so that makes me biased when it comes to the matter of whether or not it's "good cause" (hence asking for other opinions!).

The "good cause" part though I think may be offset a little by the "moral character" side. Throughout my life I've regularly helped the sheriff's office with various efforts, volunteered my time with them providing services that helped them find criminals, etc., and even have a commendation from the the last sheriff. I think based on this I am still going to apply, though it may not be for a few months (waiting until the shop I go to get's that new S&W Shield that I've been wanting to try out), but if I do I will absolutely tell you all about the process and outcome, and include as much detail as I can in hopes that it will help others.

Thanks again for the comments, I REALLY appreciate it!!
If you don't have a hard core threat with stuff that won't hurt to be stolen or insured you will not get a license, right now anyway. You need to articulate a real need.
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