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Originally Posted by jimhu View Post
While I am not the one to decide, I think you have a "good cause". I recommend you write a letter, listing every case of theft from your trailer including police case number (you did call them to report, right?). List any case were there was a "strange" activity that might have lead to a "dangerous" one, even if it didn't. Explain why it is important that you keep doing this job. List your gun training and qualification. Tell them how you are a long time, good, contributing resident of San Mateo CO. Call the Sheriff office and ask to speak to the person handling LTC permits. Be patient and polite. My experience is that they want to help you. Do keep us posted.
While I believe the current sheriff is better than the previous who I had the experience applying for CCW, theft in my opinion is not a good cause. I think you have good cause but you need to articulate writing your good cause that focus on threat to yourself. Good luck
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